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Nedan kan ni se resultat från de utställningar våra katter deltagit i:
Below you can see the results of the shows our cats have attended:

20190413-20180414 Trønderkatten
S*Fitnesscats Curly Sue, EX1 (no judgement day 2 due to discussion of group)

20190126-20190127 Nerikes kattklubb
S*NC’s Mama EX3 + CAC
S*NC’s Love Chaser EX3 both days with hard competition

20180616-20180617 Uppsala Kattklubb
PR S*NC’s Confusion 2 x CAPIB plus nomination on day 2
S*NC’s Mama 2 x EX1 (her last show as kitten)

20180512-20180513 Gestrica Kattklubb
S*NC’s Confusion 2 x CAP, title Premier plus nomination on day 2
S*NC’s Mama 2 x EX1, plus nomination on day 2

20180331-20180401 Scandinavian Winner Show Göteborg
PR S*NC’s Billy Jack Bitch EX2

20171007-20171008 Östkatten
PR S*NC’s Billy Jack Bitch 2 x CAPIB

20170902 Mellansvenska kattklubben
S*NC’s Billy Jack Bitch, CAP, title Premier
S*NC’s Confusion, CAP

20170617-20180618 Uppsala kattklubb
S*NC’s Billy Jack Bitch, 2x CAP plus BIV and nomination day 2

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