Dramatic times

The situation in the world right now is very dramatic and chaotic. Everyone is somehow effected of the virus and, of course, so are we. This makes it particularly peaceful to enter the kitten’s room where the outside world no longer exists. Cats, in general, are very good at showing us humans how to live a more care free life.

The kittens are now 5 weeks old and developing every day. Their personalities are starting to show more and more. And their cute little faces melts my heart every time I look at them. During this past week we have given them a little more play room. Their little playpen was no longer approved when the whole gang decided to escape so they now have access to the whole room. Mama has proven to be an excellent mother, truly living up to her name.

Kittens at 5 weeks.
Left side; Doc, Bashful, Sleepy.
Right side; Happy & Dopey.

The kittens now have individual pages on here, with (hopefully) weekly updates.


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