Previous 8 months

It has been a very long time since our last update here. The reason for this is, basically, life happened. During the late summer we decided to start looking for a house of our own. The house we lived in was only a rented and we figured it was time to find something to call our own. The house market in Sweden has been rather crazy, the few houses that comes out for sale in this area is usually sold very fast at high prices. In October a little house came out and we said to ourselves we had to act fast. We made an offer to the seller with the term it wouldn’t be shown to anyone else and the seller accepted. So, in mid November we moved in. The house is small by Swedish standards since it is just the two of us and a bunch of cats it is the perfect size for our little family. It has a large garden were we already have made quite a few plans.

The cats took the move well. During the actual moving weekend we moved most of the furniture first and when we brought the cats over they were very cool. A few days later they had defiantly made this their home. The kitchen has two large windows which is probably one of their favorite spots. After just a short while we realized they actually were more at peace here than in our old home.

Two boys already settled in

The move also ment Love Chaser could roam freely. In the old house he had a part of the house, mainly the kitchen and the enclosure, to keep him separated from Curly. Despite his name he needs some practice with the ladies. But more on that in another post. Another change is that Robbie no longer lives here with us. For a while we have realized he wasn’t happy with the younger ones and when a friend visit us he clearly chose her. He now has his very own family and no competition for attention.


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