Princess on show

Sunday morning me and the princess drove to Uppsala to attend the yearly cat show there. The Uppsala Kattklubb’s show was actually the very first show we attended as exhibitors two years ago.

A young Vester and happy owners two years ago

Curly is an amazing cat when it comes to these events. She sleeps in the cat the whole ride, is not bothered by the vet check and is calm and playful in the cage. I was surprised by the low amount of cats at this show. It’s common that there’s many absent when the weather is nice but it was very few even in the catalog. The positive aspect was that the show finished early and we could go back home at 3 in the afternoon.

Okay so back to princess 👑. Like I said she’s a star to bring. Since she’s still a kitten I see these shows as practice but the judge really liked her and was very impressed with her long body and tail and the “very attractive ears”. She received EX1 but lost the BIV and nomination to a boy a bit more developed. I’m very happy with the result and so looking forward to what the future brings.

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