Long time no see

It’s been a while since the last post. Life spins too fast sometimes. Last time I wrote the ground in the cat run was covered with bricks. Of course I wasn’t very careful when working out there so I hurt my back. It improved within a week or so but I wasn’t much fun during those days.

We have had some very hot days which is a bit of a struggle for the cats of course. Especially Vester who seems to have the most fur in June. He is truly in super condition now. We try to help them in various ways. Cool maths on the floor, fans here and there and keeping them with us by the AC. Last year I put a little pool with toys out for them in the enclosure. That was truly popular.

Mama has had a break on her heats, but seems to be getting back now. Hopefully she will decide that Love is a good choice this time. She is one picky lady that’s for sure. Love is very much in love with the little princess so the separation door was a very good idea. I’m glad we can keep a fertile male in the house for as long as possible.

My car will also be pimped. Soon everyone will know it’s a crazy cat lady that’s driving around. Decals with our cattery name have been ordered that will cover the sides of the car. When it’s ready I will of course show you the result.

I will post another update from our weekend when it was finally time to go to a cat show again.

See you all soon.


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