Bricks and stones

Today the weather gods were on our side and I could finally put some effort into improving the cat run. Last week Vester came in limping with a cut on one of his toe beans. Most likely this was a result of him digging in a new place out there.

The house we live in dates back to somewhere around the mid 1800’s and since then all sorts of things has ended up in the ground. We have found cans, nails and even larger bones when working in the garden. And now when the cats started digging in a new place Vester probably came across some glass or something else that’s sharp. He was okay by the next day but we didn’t let the cats out since then.

So today the weather was finally in our favour. In the barn there was a lot of bricks so that became an easy solution. Most of the ground is now covered and there isn’t any place for them to dig anymore. There was some happy cats that were allowed to go outside again.


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