Show weekend

So this Saturday it was finally time to get back into the cat show circuit. It was a one day show just 20km away so it didn’t require wake up calls too early. We arrived at the area in good time and the check in was very smooth. It’s very common now that the vet check is done out in the rows instead of at the entrance which makes it a lot faster to get settled in.

When the cats were settled in it was time for the information meeting with the other stewards. This was my first time stewarding and I didn’t know what to expect really. Of course I have seen them work but didn’t have the full picture. We got a brief overview of the day and then it was time to get ready.

Just before the judges arrived my friend Annika and her daughter Clara arrived. It was their first time at a cat show and Jocke took over with giving them instructions as I went to work.

First up was the colour judgment. Our princess was signed up for this as there was some question marks when she went to the last show. Clara brought her to the table and both judges said Curly Sue was an obvious tabby.

After that the judging began and it was very interesting to see and hear the judge’s thoughts. And of course it was nice to see all the beautiful cats. Jocke and Clara prepared Love and brought him to the table when it was his turn. Love was the youngest male in class 9 and he had a lot of competition so he didn’t place. The judge thought he was a very promising boy and gave a really nice review.

Last in group 4 was the little princess. She was also praised but lost to a kitten a little older and more mature. I’m very happy with how both the cats behaved during this day. The reason we went was for them to practice and have a good experience which they did.


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