There’s a lot of things needed for when you take your cats to shows. There’s the necessary things that you truly need, then there’s the things that are useful to have and then there are the things you want. I recently had an assignment to estimate the costs of one cat. In this estimation everything had to be included; from food to scratch boards. I wrote in the response that I choose not to calculate all the things bought for shows. You learn on your way what items you can’t be without and which ones you shouldn’t have bought in the first place.

Yesterday I messaged the woman who has sewed our show curtains and asked for another one, with a different colour combination. She asked me when I needed it and I answered that our next show is on the 18th but I understood that it was too close. She answered that she’d do her best to have it ready on time. And sure enough, today it was finished! How’s that for service?

I’m so pleased with the result! We are now counting down to the next show, were I will also be stewarding for the first time.


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