Unwanted visitors

Where we live there are a few other houses and most of these houses are inhabited by cats. The cats we know of are cats that are let outside, which is the owner’s choice. These cats recognise that our enclosure is the territory of our cats and there’s never any issues.

Then we have a couple of unwelcome visitors. One black and one red. Both of these cats are shy and run off if they see you. The black one I believe is a fertile male and has been in fights with other cats nearby. Tonight he was just outside the enclosure. This very stressful for everyone involved.

The laws are unfortunately where weak when it comes to cats compared to other types of animals. In April the animal protection laws were changed so that it now illegal to abandon your animal. However since there is not mandatory to ID mark your cats, this law will probably not change much. I think the best way to improve cats status is to make it mandatory to ID and register your cats and you as owner. This is already done for dogs in Sweden so I don’t see why should be any different for cats?


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