Show plans

We are currently looking at shows to attend the next couple of months. We’d like the princess be shown a few times while she is a kitten. We signed up for one in the next town in middle of May along with Love. Yesterday I also made a late entry for her to another show in June. There is no guarantee they will have room for us as it was close to full, but we hope to attend.

I find it hard to plan to far ahead. Show entries in Sweden are often made two or even three months ahead. Making it impossible to predict your cats condition at the show. For our little one it doesn’t matter, it will be good practice for her to attend a few while she is a kitten. This is also the reason Love will go in May. He will compete as an adult in group 4 of NFO’s, which tends to be a big group with hard competition. But, since we couldn’t attend any shows during this spring, I felt he needed the practice whilst he was still young.

Mama has been appreciated by the judges but she is now in a very ”between” age. She will have a break during this year (hopefully with kittens instead). Vester and Confusion needs to go abroad as they need a foreign certification now to reach the next title. The plan is to wait until some of the other cats needs to go as well. Vester has never been a fan of shows, he puts up with it but is defiantly not amused so he may be retired as a show cat. Confusion, however, as I have mentioned before loves shows, so we would like to keep showing him.

How do you plan your shows? Please leave a comment.


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