Finally this web page is launched, it has been a process putting it together and there are still some things to adjust but over all.. Here it is!

I’ll start by telling you about the special Easter weekend we had. On Good Friday we traveled 550 kilometers by car just to do the same distance back on Saturday. But, with some very precious cargo. If you follow us on instagram you know what I mean and how long the wait has been.

A few months back pictures of this wonderful kitten came up on my Facebook feed. As we weren’t planning on adding to our number of cats just yet I tried not to look to closely. However, as time went by and this girl developed I just couldn’t resist. After some contact with her breeder it was decided she would come live it us! She was already signed up for a cat show in Trondheim, Norway, so we decided to wait until after the show to get her.

The distance to travel was not an issue to us, although I thought about flying up there instead. However, we figured it would be a nice roadtrip – and it sure was.

How pretty is this scenery?

When meeting this girl in real life she was everything we were hoping for and we are so happy for the trust from her breeder. During the car ride back to her new home she was asleep for most of the journey, just waking up during our pit stops.

Moving to her new home.

She has now been with us for a few days and she has settled in very nicely. She is a very confident young lady and plays with the others already. We are so excited to see how she develops and what the future brings for this girl.


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