Making plans?

The art of making plans is never easy. Especially if the outcome of those plans lay on someone else but yourself. It becomes a lot more difficult if the plans you are making are involving animals and if said animal is in fact of a feline species.

However, us humans tends to rely on hope and setting our first plans as breeders we were high on hope. Of course we have thought of many difficult scenarios but none of these scenarios involved having issues with the actual process of making babies – so to speak.

Early this year we discussed amongst ourselves but also with our mentor regarding the plans. Love was still a baby so he would be ”off duty” for a while yet but we still thought it was time for the lady to meet a nice boy. We found a (in our eyes) wonderful companion which we think would be a lovely combination. We made plans, you know all the practical parts of a blind date of this sort, and behold – the lady was in heat shortly after. What a joy!

We waited a few days before we took her to the companion’s house. They were introduced and everything proceeded fine. Until day 2; no more heats. Hmm. To be on the safe side we waited a few more days before bringing her back home but no luck during those days. She came back home and like a clock she went back into heat 3 weeks later. New plans and she was once again brought to the gentleman’s house. Same procedure, they were introduced and everything was fine. He did seem a bit more on edge this time though. With a good feeling humans returned home. And like last time she decided to not be in heat anymore.

After this second try she has now been without heat for 9 long weeks and it recently came back. This time however, we will not take her to this gentleman. Apparently he just wasn’t her taste?


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